Second Thoughts: The Music of Metamorphosis

Harry Sofokleous (He/Him), Jack Taylor (He/Him) Harry works in a record store. And Jack buys too many records. Together they talk about themes of change in music, showcased in a communal playlist assembled with songs from readers with ideas of Metamorphosis. How has your relationship with music developed? Jack: The first real influence music had […]

Changing the Male Gaze

Harry Sofokleous (He/him) Social media has become a massive catalyst for social and cultural change in our generation. Budding activists can incite revolutionary change for any cause through these platforms, be it economic, political or cultural. My Roommate, Autumn, is one of those activists, using her platform on Instagram (@cherie_studios) to broadcast the women’s perspective […]

Look familiar?

Liv Nightingale, (She/Her) Fact: Change is inevitable. Another Fact: I was not a fan of change. Truth be told, it is something I struggled greatly to accept and admittedly, one of my biggest fears. Feeling comforted by the constant hubbub was nothing new in the place I had called home for the past 13 years. […]

Machine Yearning

Kieran Cook (He/Him) In response to our species’ access to the internet, our attitudes towards our bodies are changing. Fortunately, this allows freedom for the underrepresented, and attitudes towards gender identity (gradually) becoming more progressive. Unfortunately for the LGBTQ+ individuals who have built safe havens online, this metamorphosis is only able to operate under the […]

Metamorphosis in Film

Emily Johnson (She/Her) Films have the ability to shift perspectives, educate and effectively communicate across language and cultural barriers. Through fluid visuals and audio in films, stories of change are able to emotionally connect with audiences and shape different views and ideas. These stories can have great meaning to individuals, especially when discussing themes of […]

A Personal Metamorphosis

Hannah Game (She/Her) Throughout our lives, we all go through many changes that not only shape us but define who we are as individuals. We are made up of many different components from life events that have a defining impact on our existence. Some people are defined by big events, whereas others find smaller, seemingly […]


Nicola Bates, (She/Her) I find change difficult, especially ground shaking, life-impacting change. I’ve gone through a few of those recently and no matter how badly I wanted to drop everything and run away as far as I possibly could, something kept me here, glued and grounded. It wasn’t a breeze and I still find myself […]

Forming Identity

Tommy Grimmer (He/Him) These portraits show some of my friends, but more importantly, young men. I did not intend for my latest portraits to be used as a series, however, when reflecting on my recent practice, I have noticed a fondness and attraction to documenting what my friends do with their time. From restoring axes […]

How It Once Was

Mila Meijerink, (She,Her) It’s a feeling, a mood, an energy that fills the empty space. With intentions of discovering something more, for a moment a profound feeling looms as you feel like you are being transported somewhere so foreign and far away from your own home, a different planet, a different universe. It takes over […]

Butterfly Effect

Tatiana Diakonova (She/Her) Is our metamorphosis caused by the butterfly effect? Does the way we evolve over timedepend on the smallest choices we make daily? I’d say yes, I’ve felt it myself. Decisionsmade during the times of covid have changed my life in more ways than I can comprehend.And, I’m sure, that’s true for most […]