Sunny Dream

Phoebe Owen (She/Her) A summer illustration of my optimism for the sunny season – just need to find an appropriate sunflower field to frolic in. Words: Phoebe Owen, BA (Hons) Animation, @thefeebastheoryart

A Change of Form

Lois Brandon (She/Her) I’ve always wanted to be a minimalist; to keep things simple, to create clean, black and white designs. However, I always seem to add that extra pattern or colour, so the once minimalist design, becomes a colourful, migraine-inducing visual. This time I challenged myself to make an uncluttered design, that wouldn’t require […]

Everything is a Remix

Harriet Reeve (She/Her) Within my work I do not attempt to present an accurate deception of a visual reality. Using colour, shapes, changing pattern and layering I achieve a form of abstraction to disconnect art from the real world. In response to my abstract drawings titled ‘Everything is a Remix’, I collaborated with Graphics Communications […]

Slipping into a form not yet realised…

Freya Kemp (She/Her) This is an extract from my graphic novel Uprooted. The story is based on personal experiences with added elements of magic & spirits, with the goal to promote wild patches & biodiversity in an everyday way. Words: Freya Kemp, BA (Hons) Illustration, @freyaelise

Future effects of Climate Change and Hybridisation

Future Effects Of Hybridisation

Katie Foreman (She/Her) The illustration that I have submitted relates to metamorphosis through the idea of change in both physical appearance and change in society. It is a surreal juxtaposition of animals that have been created to highlight the increase in hybrid animals and the extremes of what climate change could lead to in the […]