Stephanie Ndaguba (She/Her) Change is something I believe we should all start to embrace as a constant. When I was younger, apart from the physical changes. Weirdly, I used to be obsessed each time I’d go to Clarks for new school shoes and my feet grew. That was one of the only moments I praised […]

At Home Studio

James Coote (He/Him) Selected works taken of Fiona McCormick (@mccormick.fi0na) in a makeshift home studio set up I created during the last lockdown styled by Grace Clayton (@grace.sfashion) Words: James Coote, BA (Hons) Photography, @cootephotography

How It Once Was

Mila Meijerink, (She,Her) It’s a feeling, a mood, an energy that fills the empty space. With intentions of discovering something more, for a moment a profound feeling looms as you feel like you are being transported somewhere so foreign and far away from your own home, a different planet, a different universe. It takes over […]

Not the usual website

Joe Gregory (He/Him) My initial thoughts when I came across this on my walk were confusion, disbelief and amazement. It was like nothing I’ve seen before, the barely recognisable solitary tree was shrouded in a blanket of webs. Like a Halloween display, only in the middle of June.  As I approached the sinister-looking tree I […]


Nicola Bates, (She/Her) I find change difficult, especially ground shaking, life-impacting change. I’ve gone through a few of those recently and no matter how badly I wanted to drop everything and run away as far as I possibly could, something kept me here, glued and grounded. It wasn’t a breeze and I still find myself […]

Future effects of Climate Change and Hybridisation

Future Effects Of Hybridisation

Katie Foreman (She/Her) The illustration that I have submitted relates to metamorphosis through the idea of change in both physical appearance and change in society. It is a surreal juxtaposition of animals that have been created to highlight the increase in hybrid animals and the extremes of what climate change could lead to in the […]

Forming Identity

Tommy Grimmer (He/Him) These portraits show some of my friends, but more importantly, young men. I did not intend for my latest portraits to be used as a series, however, when reflecting on my recent practice, I have noticed a fondness and attraction to documenting what my friends do with their time. From restoring axes […]


Alistair Clougher (He/Him) Metamorphosis Defined – A biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change. Metamorphosis possesses definitions within many walks of life, but the essence of these definitions always stems back to the idea of change. Change is a dominate force throughout nature, […]

An Eccentric Society

Callum Wells (He/Him) Today, I believe ‘making time for change’ is the key principle for moving towards a more accepting generation. My project titled ‘An Eccentric Society’ captures the unconventional attitude towards creativity through clothing. The intention of the project is to support the opportunity for freedom through fashion, encouraging people today to express who […]

Metamorphosis in Film

Emily Johnson (She/Her) Films have the ability to shift perspectives, educate and effectively communicate across language and cultural barriers. Through fluid visuals and audio in films, stories of change are able to emotionally connect with audiences and shape different views and ideas. These stories can have great meaning to individuals, especially when discussing themes of […]