Butterfly Effect

Tatiana Diakonova (She/Her) Is our metamorphosis caused by the butterfly effect? Does the way we evolve over timedepend on the smallest choices we make daily? I’d say yes, I’ve felt it myself. Decisionsmade during the times of covid have changed my life in more ways than I can comprehend.And, I’m sure, that’s true for most […]

A Personal Metamorphosis

Hannah Game (She/Her) Throughout our lives, we all go through many changes that not only shape us but define who we are as individuals. We are made up of many different components from life events that have a defining impact on our existence. Some people are defined by big events, whereas others find smaller, seemingly […]

Open Your Eyes

Steven Pascoe (He/Him) The work produced is an example of how you can manipulate reality by the use of mixed media. Ultimately making changes to how we perceive the world around us. Words: Steven Pascoe, Year 2 Animation, @stevenpascoe_

Slipping into a form not yet realised…

Freya Kemp (She/Her) This is an extract from my graphic novel Uprooted. The story is based on personal experiences with added elements of magic & spirits, with the goal to promote wild patches & biodiversity in an everyday way. Words: Freya Kemp, BA (Hons) Illustration, @freyaelise

Fragile Regions

Sophia Kapoor (She/Her) Fragile Regions is a floral photographic collection acting as a visual metaphor for the humanitarian crisis that is ongoing in India and all of the contributors to the issue. The issues going on in India form a complex humanitarian emergency, yet this is not being covered by the media and no one […]

Everything is a Remix

Harriet Reeve (She/Her) Within my work I do not attempt to present an accurate deception of a visual reality. Using colour, shapes, changing pattern and layering I achieve a form of abstraction to disconnect art from the real world. In response to my abstract drawings titled ‘Everything is a Remix’, I collaborated with Graphics Communications […]


Poppy Lam (She/Her) ‘I created this illustration with the intent to portray personal growth/change. I tried to subtly symbolise this through the sunset and fallen petal of the flower, which are both natural cycles/processes, as is self-growth.’ Words: Poppy Lam, Year 2 Illustration, @poppy.illustrator

Changing the Male Gaze

Harry Sofokleous (He/him) Social media has become a massive catalyst for social and cultural change in our generation. Budding activists can incite revolutionary change for any cause through these platforms, be it economic, political or cultural. My Roommate, Autumn, is one of those activists, using her platform on Instagram (@cherie_studios) to broadcast the women’s perspective […]

Expand Your Mind

Patricia Mercer-David (She/Her) If we want to grow, we must be open-minded and willing to take on board new perspectives and realities. We need to listen and learn from each other. We are all ignorant to some degree, but what matters is our ability to acknowledge our privilege and actively change within ourselves and in […]

A Change of Form

Lois Brandon (She/Her) I’ve always wanted to be a minimalist; to keep things simple, to create clean, black and white designs. However, I always seem to add that extra pattern or colour, so the once minimalist design, becomes a colourful, migraine-inducing visual. This time I challenged myself to make an uncluttered design, that wouldn’t require […]