like father, like son

Jack Lennon Games Art and Design Year 2

Like Father, Like Son is a 3D scene representing Jack’s dad’s desk when he was introducing him to model painting when he was younger, highlighting the nostalgia and passion in his work.

‘When I was around 12-13 I started getting into model painting with my dad, just like Warhammer, Gundam and the odd model plane... But one that has stuck with me was the model Xwing I got for Christmas one time… it was seeing the end result in comparison to my previous models when I learned the significance of patience.

There was a moment in my first year of uni when I started pursuing 3D modelling and digital art for Uni... I glanced at that model Xwing and I remembered how important patience is and not to expect perfect results quickly - good results are something that come with time.’

3D models created using modelling software Maya, textures created in Substance Painter, and compiled on Unreal Engine 4.