Beth Graham Storehouse Content Team Year 2 @beth_grahamm

About the film

Keep delves behind the bricks and mortar to discover what goes on behind the scene's at one of the most iconic landmarks in Norwich, the Castle Museum. Keep highlights the world of the conservation department, showcasing the myriad of hidden talents conservators use to preserve and maintain historical artefacts.

About the filmmakers

Keep was produced by a group of Film and Moving Image Production Students from Norwich University of the Arts as part of their Year 2 Documentary project. Briefed with finding an interesting local story within a set map grid, there was instant intrigue into what goes on in the museum after dark. A simple question of "who cleans the armour,' lead us to the conservation department and we instantly knew we had found our local story.

Who we are

Sam Tring, Director Beth Graham, Producer

Daniel Franklin, Director of Photography Lauren Purnell, Editor

Toby Rendell-Dodd, Sound Design Josh Vivian, Assistant Director


We were interested in sharing the story of these highly skilled conservators, whose work is, for want of a better word, under appreciated. For the majority of the public, there is no real understanding of what or who a conservator is, or the amount of work that goes into conserving one object so that it can be enjoyed by the many local, national and international visitors to the museum each year. By telling just a small part of the story, we hope to bring new appreciation to these objects, not just their historical context but the craftsmanship of the conservator.