Rebecca Lee, Gabriella Molinari & Elleanor Woods - Year 3, Fashion, Communication and Promotion

Creative Director/Stylist: Gabriella Molinari @gabriellamolinari
MUA: Elleanor Woods @elleanorwoodsface
Model: Rachael Mansfield
Photography/Lighting/Retouching: Becky Louise

FCP student and Creative Director Gabriella Molinari was initially influenced by androgyny, the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. Usually used to describe characters or people who have no specific gender, gender ambiguity may also be found in fashion, gender identity or sexual identity. This idea of identity led Gabriella onto the idea of blurring/hiding the key features of person to see if it had an effect on their gender identity.

Fellow FCP student and MUA Elleanor Woods continued Gabriella's idea of concealing identity through the makeup. The makeup involved a lot of black paint and makeup covering the jawline, eyebrows, lips and eyes - all the things that would make a person identifiable.

Photographer Becky Louise combined the concept and the ideas taken from the director's mood-board to create a high contrast look with dark and stark shadows.