Punk Girl

Simon Rogers - Year 3, Games Art and Design

I chose to shoot this series in colour instead of relying on post-production to make it black- and-white photography, as I personally love colour. I also took the opportunity to work with makeup artists to create looks for the models that would draw the viewer’s eye to the shape and form of the clothing, instead of making it obvious from the get-go which gender each model was.
Fun fact: The male model’s blazer and shirt were sourced from the women’s section of ASOS by my stylist.

Photographer & Retoucher: Sherlyn Goh (Photography year 3)
Creative Director & Stylist: Annie Wood (FCP year 3)
Photography Assistant – Umi Nur (Photography year 3)
MUA: Harry Marjoram, Alexandra Dade
Models: Giverny D’Auriol, Charles Mead