Nic Gordon Illustration Year 3 @gordonic

This animation was my final outcome for my degree. I wanted to bring my love of dance and performance into my practice, and to be able to work collaboratively with brilliant dancers. I first choreographed then filmed a routine exploring the themes of depression and disconnected relationships within Tessa Violet’s ‘Haze’, a song that I have always found powerful and relatable. In my practice I had been exploring hand drawn animation and how using different mediums effects the movement of figures. The animation transforms the movement of the dancers through roto-scoping to create a full performance that exists only through translation. Each of the 1,978 frames was mono-printed by myself by hand, with the noise and distortion of the prints embraced to echo the mental instability alluded to in the song.

Music: “HAZE” by Tessa Violet. (@tessaviolet) (www.youtube.com/meekakitty)