richard o'callaghan

Richard O'Callaghan Fine Art Year 3

I am very interested in exploring filmmaking from both a technical and academic perspective. My current practice uses camera film (digital) which is manipulated in various programmes such as Da Vinci Resolve and VDMX.

I am exploring the use of narrative beginning with the analysis of language by the Russian and Italian Futurists drawing a parallel with contemporary cultural phenomena. I compose sound/music using samples/loops with Ableton Live and have a Band Camp site with many examples.

I consider the notion that everyday language, however nuanced, may be constrained by a number of limitations; some political, some linguistic and that the writing of language using a poetic style may be able to reveal futures that the aforementioned cannot.

I particularly refer to the French New Wave for its challenges to the conventions of filmmaking and develop my practice according to how I understand, conceptualise, perceive those challenges in today’s milieu.