Poppy Chapman

My subject matter for this set focuses on bringing light and humour into the otherwise mundane and repetitive every day. 

Sometimes we have bad days and things always seem to go wrong – even the little things seem huge. I wanted to investigate this and find a way to turn these little annoying moments into something we can look at and feel much better about, like a weight off our shoulders! I’ve utilised a bright colour palette and used quirky expressive characters to help us relate and laugh alongside, ultimately bringing us all together as we’re all just human beings that mess up a bit sometimes. We just have to try and make light out of these little everyday troubles! 

The final images are UV printed onto ceramic tiles for a fresh 3D feel, with the idea that the tiles could be kept in a set and used around a house or kitchen to brighten up a room and give you a reminder that sometimes these things happen, and we’re allowed to laugh at them! 

Words: Poppy Chapman, Illustration

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