Reinventing Storehouse Online

Beth Graham, Gigi Soh, Hannah Game and Uzi Okotcha What a wild ride Issue 20 has been! With so many more submissions and amazing work coming through for Reality and Illusion, we simply knew that our online format had to change to showcase your work! With the website becoming the responsibility of the Content Team, […]

Generation Pet

Beth Graham One thing that can be said for our generation is the rise in cases of anxiety and stress. Anxiety takes a different form in every person and can stem from a multitude of different circumstances, from the feeling of drowning in your studies to worrying about other’s perception of you. Just as it […]

Light vs Dark Films

Beth Graham We all know the feeling of getting home after a long day, where you just want to settle down and watch some Netflix. Sometimes you fancy something light and easy, a feel-good film. Whereas other nights you watch something and end up contemplating everything because of that one dark film that popped up. […]

Films that Define our Generation

Beth Graham Films have the unique ability to define a generation in history, acting as a relatable gateway into our lives. Our generation is a complicated but incredible one filled with constant change in every aspect, from our world itself to our society. So who better to ask for these generation-defining films than students from the second […]

Never Meet your Role Models?

Beth Graham “When I grow up, I want to be just like *insert name here*” It is fair to say that most of us have said this in our lives at various different stages. Along with the cautionary saying to never meet your idols. As children, we build these movie stars, sports champions and other […]

The Reality of our Wildlife

Beth Graham It’s safe to say that we all live in somewhat of an illusion when it comes to our planet. We are all guilty of looking the other way or simply focusing on the bad in the world. In reality, it is all about balance. We first need to understand the very real issues concerning our […]

The Storehouse Process

Storehouse Heads of Issue 19 As Storehouse becomes more and more known across NUA and Norwich and involves more and more people, some of the most frequently asked questions I get as the Head of Storehouse are; ‘How do you make Storehouse? How do you decide on the theme? Who does what? How is the cover chosen? […]

Processing Plastic

Beth Graham 125 plastic bottles. 213 bottle tops. 50 miscellaneous plastic trays and products. All of this was collected in just two weeks within a household of four and my staff room at work. To put that into perspective, we were able to create this canvas piece with just over half of the bottle caps […]

Childhood Bear

Beth Graham I want you to think of your first teddy bear. Think of how much you loved it, how tatty it looks today because you loved it so. Think of all of those things that teddy has seen, all the tears from bad nightmares to tea parties with your other toys. Think of the […]

Innocence Vs Experience

Beth Graham and Beth Stilgoe As a child, we view the world in a different light to our more experienced, even cynical counterparts now. It’s the argument of innocence versus experience, light versus dark, fantasy versus reality. This concept instantly jumped into my mind and I started thinking, how does age change our outlook on […]