BA (Hons) Film and Moving Image Production

Beth Graham

We will encourage you to explore a variety of filmmaking mediums and platforms to become an accomplished and creative storyteller.

You’ll learn by doing as you become a flexible, multi-skilled collaborator with technical and craft skills highly-prized by industry.

You’ll explore how the production skills you use and creative choices you make can shape and change the story you are telling.

Course information

The Light
Hannah Teather What is the light that we search for within ourselves? The one that flickers
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Deadman Review
Yannis Giannetakis Jim Jarmusch’s jazz western.  A young accountant by the name of William Blake,
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The Fifth Stage
Vaineta Keraityte, Eleanor Needham, Luke McGarrigle, Drew Hardman, Lauren Walker and Chloe Boston With loneliness in the
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Temporality through Form
Hannah Boyce Contemporary Wabi-Sabi draws on honest aspects of reality, for example, nature, natural processes
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Processing Plastic
Beth Graham 125 plastic bottles. 213 bottle tops. 50 miscellaneous plastic trays and products. All
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Little Faces
Ashley Jade Backhouse When I think of the word process, I think of growth, something adapting
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Sophie Banks Attraction against repulsion is a reoccurring theme within my sculptures. The pink sculpture in the
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Shedding Light on the Past
Beth Graham History is such an important part of society, it’s something we all take
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Come as You Please
Rhys Griffin Words: Rhys Griffin, Film and Moving Image Production Writing: Sean Goddard and Alex Stedman 
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Facing the Sun
Jordan Hardy Filmed on location in Beijing, China, Facing The Sun explores the issue of rapid urbanisation in Chinese
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