BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Jack Thompson

Our BA (Hons) course has a global reputation for producing graduates who are creative thinkers with accomplished technical skills and a strong grasp of the latest technology.

The course is accredited by Creative Skillset/ScreenSkills and benefits from close links to some of the leading names in the design industry.

You’ll follow a proven path that has led to NUA graduates securing roles at some of the UK’s leading design studios, branding and advertising agencies.

Course information

La Muralla Roja
Erin Ruane La Muralla Roja, Spanish for ‘The Red Wall’, is a colourful postmodern apartment
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Double Double
Jake Mayes With these photographs, I wanted to portray reality and illusion with the use
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The Freepost
Thomas Hardwick ‘The Freepost’ is a campaign that is designed to increase the level of
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Brick 2 Brick
Ruth Brittain In the spring term of 2019, Year 2 Graphic Communication student, Asha Wilson
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Katie Collins Process takes on many different forms in my work. It’s important for me
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The Waves
Jake Mayes For these photographs, I wanted to pursue the idea of the process by
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Trust the Process
Jack Thompson The process is everything in the art world: it’s a journey from an idea
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A Sensory Process of a Fun Fair
Harriet Spalding The process of entering a funfair is presented through the sensory feelings using
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The Cyanotype Dress
Chloe Stockwell Cyanotype is a heritage printing process from the 19th century, using chemicals to produce a
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Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Niamh Fitzgerald These pieces I created as a visual representation of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. To
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Leftovers Tugo
Ainsley Eagle Recreating the concept of the Doggy Bag to encourage people to take their
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One Life Left
Ethan Brown  This university task was to rebrand and create a new Visual Identity for
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The Modern Glitch
Erin Ruane Inspired by modern digital media and my own explorative self-expression, my visual style
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Ella Flood Packaging design in response to the word ‘Hench’, meaning ‘someone tough-looking or muscular,
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G&T Packaging
Ben Chamberlain Recently, the release of new 3D design software by Adobe has made the
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Not Just Open, But Equal
Ben Chamberlain and Ethan Brown In the era we live in, equality is a hot topic. This
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Charlotte Tankard And Katie Squirrell Charlotte and Katie were awarded third place in the Black Sheep 2018 competition
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