BA (Hons) Photography

Chloe Darnill

You will develop your own approach at NUA – not a standard house style.

You will learn how to apply your creative vision to a range of industry briefs, from fashion to advertising and editorial photography.

Whatever your aspirations, your work will be unmistakable as you emerge as a professional practitioner with a distinctive portfolio.

Course information

2020 Vision
Poppy Corbett The aspect of reality is shown though the documentations of current youth culture,
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The Virtual Distraction
Harriet Laws-Herd My interest in this project began with the idea of embodiment within virtual
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Studies in Still Life and Landscape: 2017
Sid Jones The Still Life and the Landscape are two of the most traditional processes
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Architectural Vision
Lewis Wyatt Despite reaching my third year of studying photography at NUA, I have yet
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For the Love of Film
Samuel Weston I am a photographer based in London and Norwich, and I take fashion-inspired portraits.
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Sahil Bhardwaj Just like art, the process of creation is omnipresent in most human activities. The mesmerizing process of
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Cara MacNally Deforestation is an extremely current issue that affects every one of us on
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Joe Prendergast This work was created as a means of challenging my existing practice, which
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Creative Cut: The Waves of Aragoto
Emily Saunders A piece based around movement and fluidity, taking inspiration from classical Japanese culture.
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Working at Graduate Fashion Week 2019
Elise Carter This summer, I had the opportunity to work with the digital team at
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Dimenticato in Italy
Cara MacNally This series shot in 2018 explores forgotten locations that were found in rural
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My Photographic Process
Benjamin Leach My photography always stems from curiosity. I am always conscious of my surroundings, intrigued
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Yin and Yang
Sherlyn Goh In this series, I explore the concept of androgyny and question the gender
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Scott Soley
Scott Soley My work focuses on exploring the use of dark tones within nature, comparing
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Seasonal Affective Disorder
Lily Barber My work explores the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder and the subsequent reliance
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Joanna Walker
Joanna Walker The series of work explores the connection between humans and nature. I wanted
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Chole Darnill
Chloe Darnill Portrait top right and below this text is of model Karina using studio window
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Swan Song 2017
Kieran McMullan Concerned with a discourse between sitter and subject, Kieran explores how presence can
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Eloise Shaw
Eloise Shaw ‘Having used a camera for the past ten years then embarking on a
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Christopher Roberts
Christopher Roberts My current series aims to look under the veneer of the ‘dreamlike’ and
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