BA (Hons) VFX

Karolis Arbaciauskas

Develop the creative and technical skills behind the latest Hollywood blockbusters and learn from award-winning studio professionals on our BA (Hons) Animation and Visual Effects degree course.

Our Animation and Visual Effects degree is a new course for 2020 reflecting NUA’s success in both fields. Our approach to teaching Visual Effects evolved from advice from professional bodies like ScreenSkills and UK Screen Alliance and the majority of UK’s VFX industry.

Course information

Karolis Arbaciauskas Defined as the self-analysis and observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes, introspection
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Milk Hats
Catrin Hâf Feron I created these pieces after studying the photographic concept of ‘the male
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Karolis Arbaciauskas
Karolis Arbaciauskas ‘Cerulean’  The process behind this piece was very experimental, from start to finish. I
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Inverted Reality
Fahim Fadzlishah Fahim chose his phone as a medium solely because it is a great
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