Words: Reece Cornwall (He / Him), BA (Hons) Graphic Design, @reececornwall With recent promotion to the Premier League (again) and
Words: Kate Chaplin (She/Her), BA (Hons) Fine Art, @katerobynart ‘Kalon Kakon’, first used by Hesiod in reference to Pandora (yes,
Words: Ruby Williams (She/Her), BA (Hons) Photography, @rawilliam.s During last years project, I focused on how university during lockdown had
Words: Georgia Wilding-Glendyle (She/Her), BA (Hons) Photography, @gwgphotography Smile When it Rains was created as a part of my university
Words: Ellen Brown (She/Her), BA (Hons) Photography, @ellenb_photography These portraits of Pedro and Ryan were taken from a recent project
Words: Charlotte Blackstone Whines (She / Her), BA (Hons) Graphic Communication, @charlottebwdesign In response to the brief ‘play’ I wanted
Words: Layne Howlett (They/Them), BA (Hons) Photography, Play is so crucial to my creative process. Style is so personal,
Words: Poppy Lam (She/Her), BA (Hons) Illustration, @poppy.illustrator Playing around with different compositions to depict the idea of memories
Words: Katie Champkin (They/Them,), BA (Hons) Illustration, @champkinkatie  Previous Next When I think of "play" I think of fun. I'm someone
Words: Giovanni Morter (He/Him), BA (Hons) Photography, @plasticfloret In my latest project I have found myself busy in creating body landscapes that map
Words: Maisie Mccoy (She/Her), BA (Hons) Fine Art, @bananagirlbananaboy My practice has always been closely linked to my feelings, a way to
Words: Michelle Hannant (She/Her), BA (Hons) Photography, Discovering nature has always been a love of mine. Our relationship with
Future Effects Of Hybridisation
Katie Foreman (She/Her) The illustration that I have submitted relates to metamorphosis through the idea of change in both physical
Joe Gregory (He/Him) My initial thoughts when I came across this on my walk were confusion, disbelief and amazement. It
James Coote (He/Him) Selected works taken of Fiona McCormick (@mccormick.fi0na) in a makeshift home studio set up I created during
Holly Carr (She/Her) NR is an upper-case geometric display typeface based on the famous Nurburgring race track in Germany. NR
Frances Hammond (She/Her) Exploring the space between life and death was my aim when creating inside book illustrations for George
Elisenda De Wit Roy (She/Her) These are still images from a Fashion Film that talks about emerging to a new
Chloe Leeder (She/Her) Created as an opportunity to capture the small, fleeting moments of lockdown, Frozen in Time uses ice
Kieran Cook (He/Him) In response to our species’ access to the internet, our attitudes towards our bodies are changing. Fortunately,
Kira Balla (She/Her) Crystallography is an exploration of crystalline structures and precious stones. Inspired by geometrical shapes, modern architecture and
Patricia Mercer-David (She/Her) If we want to grow, we must be open-minded and willing to take on board new perspectives
Poppy Lam (She/Her) ‘I created this illustration with the intent to portray personal growth/change. I tried to subtly symbolise this
Sophia Kapoor (She/Her) Fragile Regions is a floral photographic collection acting as a visual metaphor for the humanitarian crisis that
Steven Pascoe (He/Him) The work produced is an example of how you can manipulate reality by the use of mixed
Tatiana Diakonova (She/Her) Is our metamorphosis caused by the butterfly effect? Does the way we evolve over timedepend on the
Callum Wells (He/Him) Today, I believe ‘making time for change’ is the key principle for moving towards a more accepting
Tommy Grimmer (He/Him) These portraits show some of my friends, but more importantly, young men. I did not intend for
Nicola Bates, (She/Her) I find change difficult, especially ground shaking, life-impacting change. I’ve gone through a few of those recently
Mila Meijerink, (She,Her) It’s a feeling, a mood, an energy that fills the empty space. With intentions of discovering something
Stephanie Ndaguba (She/Her) Change is something I believe we should all start to embrace as a constant. When I was
Liv Nightingale, (She/Her) Fact: Change is inevitable. Another Fact: I was not a fan of change. Truth be told, it
Ruby Williams (She/Her) The theme ‘Metamorphosis’ reminds me of how different both me and my friends have become after over
Katie Billham (She/Her) Who do I want to be today? Open up the wardrobe doors, stare blankly at the rows
Phoebe Owen (She/Her) A summer illustration of my optimism for the sunny season – just need to find an appropriate
Harry Sofokleous (He/Him), Jack Taylor (He/Him) Harry works in a record store. And Jack buys too many records. Together they
Lois Brandon (She/Her) I’ve always wanted to be a minimalist; to keep things simple, to create clean, black and white
Harry Sofokleous (He/him) Social media has become a massive catalyst for social and cultural change in our generation. Budding activists
Harriet Reeve (She/Her) Within my work I do not attempt to present an accurate deception of a visual reality. Using
Freya Kemp (She/Her) This is an extract from my graphic novel Uprooted. The story is based on personal experiences with
Hannah Game (She/Her) Throughout our lives, we all go through many changes that not only shape us but define who
Emily Johnson (She/Her) Films have the ability to shift perspectives, educate and effectively communicate across language and cultural barriers. Through
Alistair Clougher (He/Him) Metamorphosis Defined - A biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving
Uzoma Okotcha (This series of images explore closeness and distance)  I never know where to start when it comes to nostalgia.
Sasha Potgieter Southend-On-Sea, 24th December 2020, captured on 35mm film   A whimsical iridescent faerie, carving the innocence of connection through a
 Leah McGhee I’ve been dreaming of you on these neighbourless nights;  nights devoid of self-inflicted cryptids and I’m still habitually restless.    I
Katie Billham I sit, in the same place I always do, my work a mindless map of words on the
Cressi Sowerbutts “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life” —Bill Cunningham  Kurt Cobain’s cardigan from Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged performance (1993); the classic Coco Chanel suit
Hannah Berry For a while after the new magazine theme was released, I kept trying to write about all of
Mila Meijerink For me nostalgia is often reflecting on my past self. Recently Ive been looking into personality types and presenting them in terms of
Yasmin Noonan Nostalgia to me means experiences and memories that occurred during my younger years and which inevitably morphed me into what I
Tommy Grimmer This trio of images have been produced surrounding the idea of memory. I wanted to create a set of images that relate
Thomas Langton A project undertaken during my second year, the Architectural Manifesto brief was to take inspiration from the graphical representation and imperative tone
Paula Averkamp People and places are two of the main themes that inspire my work and often commence a nostalgia
Patricia Mercer-David I think we can all agree that 2020 was a particularly challenging year. In the surreal period of
Muneerah Yate As a British-Muslim, I constantly find inspiration from my dual English and Iranian heritage. My practice is socially
Mi Kim Inspired by a Korean Artist Do Ho Suh’s installation artwork, this restaurant is a collaboration with Korean traditional
Kerry Bensley The feeling we all know but can never experience in the same way. The nostalgia and emotions we
Jack Taylor When on the topic of music, many are driven back to the songs from their youth, but most
Georgia Wilding-Glendye Hometown was taken during the first lockdown. I have never shot in my hometown and since I cannot
Gigi Soh The mutual understanding amongst people towards the feeling of homesickness stems from the longing for home and family
Emily Johnson In times of instability and uncertainty there is a strong instinct to turn to nostalgia for comfort and normality.   Over the past year, the
Ryan Gilks To me, the feeling of nostalgia is driven by aesthetics in visual culture where connections are made through
Thomas Goddard I got some funny looks when I mentioned to friends and family that I’d be focusing on Minecraft as my form of nostalgia. I don’t
Rach Lloyd This Piece is a response to a poem made using Tristan Tzara’s ‘Cut and Paste’ technique. The piece
Maisie Cuthbert For a recent project in BA3a, we had to design materials for a restaurant interior in 2035. I predicted
Elizabeth Ferguson My current project documents a series of coastal landscapes around my childhood home and highlights the environmental issues that
Rebecca Simmons Nostalgia is always associated with my favourite holiday town, Mojácar, Spain. Ever since I was little my family and two close
Gaby Regan When I step into my nostalgic time machine, I go back to a time where photos were stored
Amber-Rose Thorpe We all miss the days that we were able to be entertained for hours on end by a
Alice Hampton On my 4th birthday, my mum took me to my first ever ballet lesson in a cold, echoey hall
Alexander Woosey Honing station, Honing, North Norfolk. First explored early summer of 2020. This place has quickly become one of my
Aleisha Blowers When I think of the word Nostalgia, I think of the absolute ache that the feeling has always had on
Abbi May Zivengwa This piece represents an intimate view, somewhere between a mischievous intrusion and a welcome invitation, into the
Alice Laycock A stage. Framed lavishly, positively dripping in gem-toned swathes, but what takes place between and behind is not a Broadway show, nor
Hannah Game Nostalgia is a feeling that is constantly lingering, whether you know it or not. This can be triggered
Ellen Hester The Robin in the Garden is a second-year project which I thought would be fitting for this issue.
Chloe Powell My piece is a collage of photos I took during the first Covid-19 lockdown. I made a lot
Chloe Chapman From a very young age I have been absent-mindedly collecting odds and ends, stuffing them into my pockets
Amelia Snook Nostalgia to me is running into my Nan’s bungalow and grabbing whatever snacks that I could get my
Sophie Ebbage Inspired by the phantom nostalgia brought about Declan McKenna's album 'Zeros'. Heavily influenced by 70s glam rock and
Viola Williams This year, more than ever, we have to stand together.  Since the start of Covid-19, there has been 523,011 deaths, and
Richard Wood Whilst at the beginning of lockdown I was struck by how considerate and friendly people have become to strangers
Karolis Arbaciauskas While the world does indeed look to artists for "direction, resolve and optimism", I wanted to take a darker
Jacob Millington For this project, we were tasked with creating interior fabrics. These woven pieces were inspired by the details
Freya Elise We spend most of our time in a home of sorts; though geographical placement isn’t always homely. The idea of
Becki Ball  My submission was created during lockdown at home, using materials and equipment I already owned, by making use
Tommy Grimmer This small project documents a series of ambient light projections through the windows of our hotel, where my
Joshua Taplin With the current situation of Covid-19 affecting our daily lives, the time we spend at home has changed
Catarina Dos Santos Azevedo When the smell of detergent and fresh air emerges, there’s a feeling of ‘home’. Words and illustration: Catarina
Cressi Sowerbutts 2020, the year the world shut down. We hid from the ‘invisible killer’ in the sanctity of our homes laden with coverings, sanitizer and ‘KEEP YOUR DISTANCE’ signage. So what
Cressi Sowerbutts Images: Cressi Sowerbutts, Storehouse Content Team, @cccressi
Hannah Berry The Lockdown Series is a project I started on Instagram dedicated to documenting peoples’ photos and experiences from their time
Maya Chessman Now more than ever it feels important that our homes help us to feel physically safe. This feeling acts as a link to those people who lived before
Rachel Lloyd There is simplicity, clutter, and safety; not daring to be too difficult, but not like anything you have done before.  
Jack Taylor Music helps people come together, and in self-isolation that is no different; many bands and musicians are still creating music
Jack Taylor At the beginning of lockdown, I found myself stuck with a lack of facilities making it harder to
Gigi Soh [Tag lines: In response to the pandemic/ The confinements of lockdown/ Post-Covid 19]  In all honesty, how many of
William George This is an image I took while out exploring my small Norfolk town in lockdown with my drone. I have discovered our local
William George Above the Breakers is a series I have shot on my drone recently, on a rough windy evening along the Norfolk coast. In
Louise Aspinall These photographs are a part of a series I had taken two years back. They were taken for a first-year magazine project,
Kieran Cook CCTV Church is a project I have started during lockdown out of frustration. Not being able to leave the house, meant
Emily Mitchell This shoot represents my photographic interpretation of home. Wild swimming at Walpole Bay is something I have dearly missed, and has been a welcome relief during this very stressful time.
Thomas French Lockdown has hit everyone in different ways, creating new challenges for everyone to overcome. One of them is being stuck at
Kerry Bensley Over the past few months, pets across the world have had the absolute time of their lives. Having their
Katie Foreman This submission piece is all about the things that we have found to make ourselves happy during lockdown.
Gaby Regan Home. There’s no place like it. But our interpretations of its meaning can differ based on our individual experiences. The conventional
Elizabeth Barrell The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the household. A room that not only provides nourishment, but also acts as a place to gather and socialize with the people we care
Ruth Brittain Spending more time at home and with many people having more time on their hands, it’s important get
Michael Christodoulou Lockdown meant being away from the people we love. Despite, technology thriving to bring us together, it is the authentic connections with humans we miss. And, I was left constantly in search of wanting to
Leah McGhee During lockdown, I had been missing a lot of things, but I didn’t expect one of them to be strangers. Typically, I’d be desperate to
Holly Wise As an Architecture student, it’s a wonderful experience to take what you learn in the classroom outside, to further your understanding. To be
Sean Hendley There’s something about the notion of ‘home’ or ‘feeling at home’ - if the two aren’t the same
Sean Hendley Pregnant with her first child, Androulla Michael, (friend, fine artist, and NUA alumni), has been surviving an extreme reality of lockdown,
Hannah Game The reality is this is our first experiences of a global pandemic, and if you’re anything like me you’ll be experiencing
Niamh Fitzgerald I drew this piece in the first week of lockdown when we were navigating this new way of life as
Lois Wilson In response to the word ‘together', this piece represents guidance and support in relation to mental health. The study of hands comes from direct references of my hand as well as the hand of my younger sibling, who is currently struggling, but slowly opening up. As someone who deals with mental health issues myself, I find that it is very important to check in on people as they may be suffering in silence. This piece also aims to encourage people to seek professional help when things become unmanageable, knowing that people will support and help you.  Words: Lois Wilson, Animation, @lois.sketchbook
Emma-Louise Hannaway In the last night outs before lockdown, we managed to film Martini’s Inner Circle. The essence of this project is
Imogen Hawgood The freedom of the American open road has been a powerful image for generations on both sides of
Toby Mclaren Aballone is a project started by Hannah Roadknight and I. We both had the vision of creating and
Rachel Cottrell In 2020, the world is experiencing more societal upheaval than COVID-19 alone. Yemen’s fate hangs in the balance due to the impact
Katie Billham Home is somewhere we all seem to have found ourselves a lot recently, and for many of us Uni students, that has meant
Alice Laycock Picture a woman sat on a cold stone ledge, abutted by horsehair upholstered bolsters at either side of her physique. Her russet-red curls cascade over her
Alice Laycock In the halcyon childhood days of many people, there are a few hazy recollections involving the creating of hideaways out
Aleisha Blowers My sense of belonging has been in limbo for two years, And I don’t think it’ll ever change.
Ellen Sibley After coming across the phenomenon of visual agnosia, a neurological disorder which affects a person’s ability to recognise
Cressi Sowerbutts What is it with witchcraft, the talk of tarot, problem-solving using planets? It is undeniable that there has
Poppy Corbett The aspect of reality is shown though the documentations of current youth culture, in a series of film
Ailish Beadle The gallery once the doors shut: imagine if all the art that we see in galleries comes to life. Imagine exhibitions
George Davison Words: George Davison, Graphic Communication, @gtd_stuff
Jack Taylor Music is one of the most diverse and creative forms of artistic media due to its endless variety
Holly Battle Virtual reality is an immersive experience which allows people to wear a headset and place them in curated,
Jade-Ashleigh Archives and piles of collated images and objects scatter my studio, such as an inherited soap collection from my
Harriet Laws-Herd My interest in this project began with the idea of embodiment within virtual reality, this idea has been
Ollie Turner A newspaper design that emphasises the global warming crisis and pollution around the world for the global activist campaign,
Erin Ruane La Muralla Roja, Spanish for ‘The Red Wall’, is a colourful postmodern apartment complex that is known for
Beth Graham, Gigi Soh, Hannah Game and Uzi Okotcha What a wild ride Issue 20 has been! With so many
Fraser McCormick This is part of an ongoing self-initiated motion and print project, where I am visually communicating anxiety. Anxiety is
Kieshona Brown A relationship: it can be one of the most beautiful experiences a person will ever go through. Imagine
Sean Hendley Nearing midnight, escaped from the proximity of my ‘roommate’, crouched on the floor of a hotel room, I
Dominic Lovegrove Reward System is an app designed to "gamify" your life by giving you animated rewards for everyday tasks. 
Sophie Anderson When is your phone most harmful? Is it when scrolling, subscribing and staring into the glare of the
Hannah Teather What is the light that we search for within ourselves? The one that flickers and threatens to burn out
Robert Burton ‘Grad’ is an improvised, hand-drawn stop motion animation, created in one day as part of a series of experiments. 
Chalisa Chanchuvanichkul We live in a world of weird beauty standards. We relentlessly try to improve our appearances, convinced that
Chloe Turner free social obligations make me  shove my fingers down my throat,  i’m taught not to be proud  of my
Amelia Naomi How the female voice has come to be heard through the rise of indie mags  Magazines are the
Melina Wilde These ideas keep me here, rooted, transfixed to a spot, dissolving in absinthe, a sugar cube. The angels
Emily Mitchell illusion  /ɪˈluːʒ(ə)n/  noun  an instance of a wrong or misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience.  a deceptive appearance
Beth Graham One thing that can be said for our generation is the rise in cases of anxiety and stress.
Kieshona Brown Exes. If you’ve ever had the unfortunate opportunity of breaking up with someone you thought would be the
Chalisa Chanchuvanichkul WRITTEN FROM MY OWN UNFORTUNATE EXPERIENCE  I’ve always had quite bad luck when it comes to travelling. Things
Luke Taylor Step 1) Realize you’re unsure of what you’re doing with your life right now.  Step 2) Have an existential
Beth Graham We all know the feeling of getting home after a long day, where you just want to settle
Gemma Shingles Introvert  I am stood in a room full of people,  all of which I don’t know.  I feel
Yannis Giannetakis Jim Jarmusch’s jazz western.  A young accountant by the name of William Blake, a name ingeniously chosen to
Amelia Naomi For all the wealth of diversity in the courses we study, there is certainly one thing we can
Gigi Soh Disclaimer: The reason behind writing this article is not to point fingers or set rules on how one
Beth Graham Films have the unique ability to define a generation in history, acting as a relatable gateway into our
Vaineta Keraityte, Eleanor Needham, Luke McGarrigle, Drew Hardman, Lauren Walker and Chloe Boston With loneliness in the elderly rising in the UK,
Lucia Calcagni When we see, what do we see? Is that what is actually there, or just what we want to be seeing?  
ALICE QUINN The main concept of my design was to show the narrative of Dorian Gray, focussing on the decay
Sammy Tapp and Georgia Lauren Graham Painting and the collision with reality and illusion.   The act of painting provides for
Katie Billham We’re stood in front of the mirror again. Poke this, prod that. Stretch, grab, twist, pull, until red
Gigi Soh The answer towards the long-standing debate between “Art imitating Life, and Life imitating Art”, just like that of
Sarah Mark Transcription is understood as phonetic, however, personally, I understand it as an idea of entering inside and extracting the object or structure
Zara Liddell Whilst looking into Y2K nostalgia ‘Killa Cowgirl’ was created in collaboration between Zara Liddell and Marnie Hubbard. Focusing on
Jake Mayes With these photographs, I wanted to portray reality and illusion with the use of double exposing film while
Gaby Regan Your mindset is what can influence reality.  It takes thoughts and feelings to make a change for each individual and
Sean Goddard For children the physical act of drawing and creating is a key part of their development and helps
Uzi Okotcha Sometimes we don't know how to exist. A series of images depicting self-reflection and self-questioning conscious when reality
Beth Graham “When I grow up, I want to be just like *insert name here*” It is fair to say
Beth Graham It's safe to say that we all live in somewhat of an illusion when it comes to our
Frances Hammond  The convergence of illusion and reality was central to my illustrations of 'The Seventh Horse', a short story
Hannah Boyce Contemporary Wabi-Sabi draws on honest aspects of reality, for example, nature, natural processes and craftsmanship. Wabi-Sabi reconstructs these
Thomas Goddard My practice has always been rooted in reality and illusion, coming from an optical art background with influences such as Bridget Riley, my goal
Victoria Paulley A collection of interlocking shapes designed with endless possibilities. The pieces have gone through a variety of processes
Thomas Hardwick ‘The Freepost’ is a campaign that is designed to increase the level of awareness of unjustly imprisoned human rights
Jason Brown ‘UX’ is a buzzword that is thrown about by a lot of people these days. What does it actually
Layla Weiss “Red Sea” is a series of shots I did for Kingsley. He approached me asking me to help
Storehouse Heads of Issue 19 As Storehouse becomes more and more known across NUA and Norwich and involves more and
KIeshona Brown There is a stigma surrounding seeking help. As people, we don’t like to admit that we don’t have all
Gigi Soh Focal point: Practicing the art of subtraction in the process of finding your way through life.  When we
Sid Jones The Still Life and the Landscape are two of the most traditional processes practiced in classical art. Whilst
Lewis Wyatt Despite reaching my third year of studying photography at NUA, I have yet to truly narrow down why
Freya Elise I long for magic, I crave it in every piece of fiction I come across. Life is so plain & dull & stale & I want
Samuel Weston I am a photographer based in London and Norwich, and I take fashion-inspired portraits. As much I love my
Sahil Bhardwaj Just like art, the process of creation is omnipresent in most human activities. The mesmerizing process of weaving a traditional Indian cot is an
Ruth Brittain In the spring term of 2019, Year 2 Graphic Communication student, Asha Wilson and the NUA Students’ Union
Roisin Delaney Process.  My artwork is never complete, or at least never has an end. I find with my artwork
Deborah Dickinson Friedrich Hegel once said, ‘art expresses the spirit of a culture or age.’ This notion illustrates the self-expression that is
Daniel Randall Untitled (Hands 1) was my first real step into digital media. Using paint to act as a green-screen, I
Morgan Wright Speculative Zoology is a study in which scientists and artists predict the possible evolutionary outcomes of organisms that
Rob Burton These images were the result of a series of improvised stop motion animations, in which collages and pen
Imogen Hawgood ‘Americans were seduced into accepting the automobile as the embodiment of modern dreams, urges, and passions’   Stephen Heller, co-author
Leah McGhee Some seeds can not sprout   unless they are burnt first.  There are lilies in South Africa  that wait for wildfires.  
Rebecca Sayer I created this render as part of a collaboration project. It is an experimental piece that was inspired
Emily Stewart Push your fingers all the way into the luxury of opera gloves, with the glamour of fur, an
Alice Laycock How interior design in social media can be used to help, not hinder. As a generation, we are well
Benjamin McLeister Using expired film on a slightly broken camera made for some interesting illusions.   Each photo was shot in London on
Emma Chilicuisa Upon thinking about reality and illusion, I was flooded with loads of ideas right away, my first idea was
Becki Ball Ikagi is a small collection of prints inspired by the colours and translucency featured in Dale Chihuly's glass
Hannah Game Photography: Hannah Game, Storehouse Content Team, @hjgamephotography
Rachel Lloyd Over Here! I’m that dog that’s running around the park off the lead, full pelt at picnics and stealing meal deals. Sniffing
Beth Graham 125 plastic bottles. 213 bottle tops. 50 miscellaneous plastic trays and products. All of this was collected in
Amy Harman The idea of process is extremely important within my personal creative practice. My research report Process: Accessibility, Repetition
Cara MacNally Deforestation is an extremely current issue that affects every one of us on earth and one that will
Nic Gordon This animation was my final outcome for my degree. I wanted to bring my love of dance and performance into
Molly Broomfield The first Maggie’s Centre opened in Edinburgh in 1996 and since then Maggie’s has continued to grow, with
Maisie Moffat A literal representation of this issue’s theme of Process, these images show the evolution of my project inspired by
Elizabeth Fijalkowski Magenta City was a personal project I created in Photoshop. I had been inspired by the cyberpunk background
Lorraine Cooke I am an alumnus of NUA currently working between the UK and Cyprus. As a former gallery Manager and Curator of Art1821
Lois Wilson This piece aims to visually communicate the process of 2D, frame-by-frame, digital animation. The use of the ‘onion
Amy Harman Responding to the Sainsbury’s vision of creating a space to ‘experience art as part of their everyday environment’
Katie Collins Process takes on many different forms in my work. It’s important for me to acknowledge my process because,
Katherine Morton We often think of ‘process’ as something that is complete, but not every project is completed, and not every project is
Karolis Arbaciauskas Defined as the self-analysis and observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes, introspection is an important skill which
Joe Prendergast This work was created as a means of challenging my existing practice, which centred around using a studio
Jake Mayes For these photographs, I wanted to pursue the idea of the process by interpreting the topic of subconsciousness
Jack Thompson The process is everything in the art world: it’s a journey from an idea to a finished piece and
Jack Lennon Games development can be a very lengthy process to go from an idea in your head to a
Isabelle Cyr To reach a resolved piece of work I rely on different drawing techniques, of which the most important to
Imogen Hawgood The constant process of transformation brought about by the interplay of surfaces and light has been observed by
Harriet Spalding The process of entering a funfair is presented through the sensory feelings using type, shape and colour. The
Freya Elise There’s a rather strange beauty in the reclaimed, giving the forgotten paper a new purpose & meaning. It
Frances Hammond In response to the House of Illustration’s ‘Illuminated Alphabet’ competition, I created a different letter each day throughout
Jason Brown This was a live brief with the Broads Authority to produce a web app for them. The aim
Emily Saunders A piece based around movement and fluidity, taking inspiration from classical Japanese culture. I was particularly inspired by
Ellen Grace Folkard “Paths, words and the rhythm and ritual of walking help me to navigate myself and the world.”Brits,
Elise Carter This summer, I had the opportunity to work with the digital team at Graduate Fashion Week 2019 with
Eleanor Lamb This project was a university brief in collaboration with The Broads Authority.  ‘Spot The Broads' is an interactive wildlife and plant
Jason Brown ‘Process’: a slightly different theme from our some of our previous ones, we asked you to submit work showing
Cara MacNally This series shot in 2018 explores forgotten locations that were found in rural and urban parts of Italy.
Chloe Stockwell Cyanotype is a heritage printing process from the 19th century, using chemicals to produce a cyan-blue print. After adding the
Beth Graham I want you to think of your first teddy bear. Think of how much you loved it, how
Charlotte Kent From office workers to students, to young families, all walks of life can be found in the hustle and bustle that is
Chani Blears The process has become the most important thing when it comes to my current practice. Over the last
Catrin Hâf Feron I created these pieces after studying the photographic concept of ‘the male gaze’. Within these images, you
Catia Pimentel “Corrosion” is the consolidation of my exploration within materials, processes and techniques.   Process is a key element in my
Callum Ritchie Dominic Lovegrove and I worked on a collaboration project with The Norfolk Broads Society. We worked collaboration a lot into
Beth Freer Background about the Competition (taken from NUA website):  BA (Hons) Fine Art student Bethany Freer is one of ten
Ben Tyreman I created this artwork based around the themes of hyperrealism and portraiture, and what is considered as a
Benjamin McLeister Fitting with the theme of ‘Process’, ‘Typography & Movement’ arrived after working on a brief set by university,
Benjamin Leach My photography always stems from curiosity. I am always conscious of my surroundings, intrigued by the small nuances within my
Barbara Wei SAVOR magazine, to delight in and savour the alone moments. It is based on the attitude of being alone, and the
Ashley Jade Backhouse When I think of the word process, I think of growth, something adapting over a course of time
Amy Harman Architectural Planes investigates urban environments through colour and shape. Observing the architectural planes from various angles to create
Anna Ward In a gesture, I am attempting to exalt the mundane and elevate everyday objects. I looked upon the juxtaposing boundaries between the fluidity
Niamh Fitzgerald These pieces I created as a visual representation of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. To achieve this, I wanted to
Alice Laycock Interior Design is the archetype of a discipline dominated by the process.  The piece which I have since
Ainsley Eagle Recreating the concept of the Doggy Bag to encourage people to take their leftovers home with them, rather
Kieshona Brown  This summer I got very familiar with the backseat of a cop car. I know what it sounds
Kieshona Brown One of the things I am most proud of is being a 90s kid. I know you have
Luke Taylor No, I’m not referring to Frozen.  Let’s be honest, learning to let go is easier said than done.
Tatiana Susvaliuc  Since I was a child, I remember myself watching the stars every night before going to bed, exploring
Stephen Johnson  In 2018, the subject of redevelopment is nearly always met with controversy. While the general consensus appears that it may
Sophie Banks Attraction against repulsion is a reoccurring theme within my sculptures. The pink sculpture in the photos is based upon drawings
Simon Rogers This character is inspired by the Photographer Jono Rotman and his portrait series featuring the Mighty Mongrel Mob,
Sherlyn Goh In this series, I explore the concept of androgyny and question the gender roles that are defined and
Beth Graham History is such an important part of society, it’s something we all take for granted, especially the amount
Scott Soley My work focuses on exploring the use of dark tones within nature, comparing the effectiveness of the ambient
Rhys Griffin Words: Rhys Griffin, Film and Moving Image Production Writing: Sean Goddard and Alex Stedman  Producing: Shirmaine Ong, Colleen Lee and Rhys
Rebecca Lee, Gabriella Molinari and Elleanor Woods FCP student and Creative Director Gabriella Molinari were initially influenced by androgyny, the combination
Poppy Chapman My subject matter for this set focuses on bringing light and humour into the otherwise mundane and repetitive every day. 
Patrick Smith A city of sand, but wonder to most  Don’t forget the culture that comes with the host  A
Oliver Saunders Fear of the dark is innate.  Fear of the dark is innate. Our eyes fail to recognise a once familiar surrounding and
Melina Wilde I often use art to have a conversation with myself. The initial starting point for this piece was
Liza Koroleva This image is an exploration of spiritual wellness. Karina is on the search for meaning and purpose in
Lily Barber My work explores the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder and the subsequent reliance on sunlight. Producing work from
Karolis Arbaciauskas 'Cerulean'  The process behind this piece was very experimental, from start to finish. I wanted to create a render
Joanna Walker The series of work explores the connection between humans and nature. I wanted to show a model out
Ji-Young Kim These photos embody what this odd and colourful bodysuit represents. A contrast itself of the meaning and the visuals. This
Jessica Platt These are artworks from a personal project, visualising dream-like landscapes and figures that contain psychedelic, Halloween aesthetics. Heavily influenced by
Jess Anderson Experimentation with long exposure settings to capture the movement of light.  Words: Jess Anderson, Fashion, Communication, and Promotion,
Jake Newbury Soma – Have You Had Your Daily Dose? is a response to the theme of soma, a drug used
Beth Graham and Beth Stilgoe As a child, we view the world in a different light to our more experienced,
Ingrida Bagdonaite This Student Fashion Show scene caught my eye due to the masks and ambient lighting that create a
Imogen Jade Hurn This work was inspired by a question I have been researching throughout my unit 'Does social media
Imogen Hawgood Suburbia is the embodiment of both the American Dream and the slowly unfolding crisis which has followed as America
Ibrahim Raza The overall concept of my photos is to mix fashion photography with art and to express my internal
Kieshona Brown  This is a story of a time in my life when I felt most helpless, all thanks to
Helen Harlow My interest in editorial illustration means that I aim to depict topics in a more conceptual way, and
Leah McGhee An interview with third-year Textile Design student, Rosie-May Greenbank, joy-seeker and colour wizard. Rosie talks about her piece on finding
Ethan Brown  This university task was to rebrand and create a new Visual Identity for a local Norwich brand —
Erin Ruane Inspired by modern digital media and my own explorative self-expression, my visual style mixes cut-out images from magazines
Ella Flood Packaging design in response to the word 'Hench', meaning 'someone tough-looking or muscular, someone you wouldn't want to
Denize Orlovska Words: Denize Orlovska, Illustration
Chloe Ellis Daily commuters in the thousands they go,  Driving over the backbone of our town, do they know?  Propelled
Chloe Darnill Portrait top right and below this text is of model Karina using studio window light.  The other images are
Chloe Baker-Cooper This project documents a group of young motorcyclists based in Norwich and the lifestyle they lead. Having been
Cal Miles These illustrations came out of the dark reality of graduating; not knowing where my future is and the
Hannah Murray We met with the fabulous Beth Reeks, a warm, down-to-earth Life Model with a vintage style keen to
Chalisa Chanchuvanichkul We’ve all heard of the saying: ‘After the rain comes the rainbow’, symbolising the glorious time after the worst. That’s
Ana Corona  The House of Daze is a Norwich based drag collective dedicated to showcasing queer performers and turning out
Ben Chamberlain Recently, the release of new 3D design software by Adobe has made the generation of photorealistic digital renderings
Ben Chamberlain and Ethan Brown In the era we live in, equality is a hot topic. This generation, more than ever, is
Beth Graham Over the summer of 2018, Norwich and surrounding areas have been decorated with a fleet of hares! Known
Brittany Miller 'In Plain Sight’ is a campaign with the aim to show the UK just how big of an
Callum Brown, Jeremy Downes and Simone Costa Brief  Create a brand identity and associated brand applications for a new museum
Frances Kennedy A series of Projection Visuals made for performance.  ‘The idea was to create a multi-sensory environment for our audience. We
Ceara Coleman  This piece is titled 'The 90s Called' and was a fun personal project for me to play around
Chalisa Chanchuvanichkul When you go on a holiday to somewhere new, what do you try to photograph? I guess the typical
Charlotte Tankard And Katie Squirrell Charlotte and Katie were awarded third place in the Black Sheep 2018 competition for this work. The brief
Conrad Areta These images are of elevations, sections, perspectives and a model of my temporary nomadic pavilion from my term
Emma Liu  Portrayal is a concept for an online brand that aims to highlight the complexities of identity and self-representation
Emmalouise Smith A film within a film within a film within a film… set in a cinema, toying with traditional film
Gemma Jouques ‘My practice is very much process led and material based. I view the act of generating/creating my work
George Davison Focusing on the relationship that our generation has with technology, this piece highlights the absence of childhood with
Jack Lennon Like Father, Like Son is a 3D scene representing Jack’s dad’s desk when he was introducing him to
Jordan Hardy Filmed on location in Beijing, China, Facing The Sun explores the issue of rapid urbanisation in Chinese cities and its relationship with
Kellen Playford "Moving Portraits is a series of short documentaries about artists that focus on representation and aesthetics. Each film centers on
Lucy Phillips These photographs were captured across Northern India, in Varanasi, New Delhi, Dharamshala, and many other places in which I ate some
Maddie Exton  ‘I Can't Remember What It's Like To Not Be Watched’ I Can't Remember What It's Like To Not Be Watched’ is
Nayeon Kang Here, light is recognised by several sharp-ended pieces of wood. The use of light and dark is for the sake of
Olivia Elsey These images are part of an original concept project for the design of a local art gallery and
Saffron Brooker  The new generation is about creative relationships and collaboration. As a fashion design student, it would have been
Creative Co-Working
Stephen Johnson This project entitled Creative Co-working was all about creating a gallery and working space for artists but with
Lorelle Aboagye-Mubanga An interview with one of our shortlisted artists for our eye opener exhibition Lorelle Aboagye-Mubanga. How were your
Kristy Campbell Storehouse asked NUA graduate Kristy Campbell if she had any advice to give current students after stepping into
Kieran McMullan Concerned with a discourse between sitter and subject, Kieran explores how presence can affect action. It is through
Fahim Fadzlishah Fahim chose his phone as a medium solely because it is a great device to create such images.
Emmalouise Smith These photos are taken from a short film titled ‘Grow Up.’ Emmalouise cast fellow NUA students, Scarlett Archibald-Wright
Eloise Shaw 'Having used a camera for the past ten years then embarking on a photography degree, it has been
Doron Beuns A collection of work from Doron's self-destructed self-portrait series. Doron was also one of our shortlisted artists for
Dom Read An interview with one of our shortlisted artists for our eye opener exhibition Dom Read. How was your
Mia Herrod We spoke to Textiles Student Mia Herrod about her perception of ethical fashion.  It is clear you pride
Christopher Roberts My current series aims to look under the veneer of the ‘dreamlike’ and somewhat Uncanny aesthetic and offer
Naomi Kirk-Smith An interview with one of our shortlisted artists for our eye-opener exhibition, Naomi Kirk-Smith.  How was your self-portrait
Ceara Coleman An interview with one of our shortlisted artists for our eye opener exhibition Ceara Coleman. How was your
Tin Tran An interview with our cover competition winner, Tin Tran. All of the team fell in love with Tin’s
Cat Cousland Cat’s collection of moving images explore what it means to be a female. In which, the male gaze
Carter O'Sullivan An interview with one of our shortlisted artists for our eye opener exhibition Carter O'Sullivan. How was your
Beth Graham The art of perception within film is one of the most powerful tools imaginable, filmmakers can harness this
Amy Harman An interview with Jarrold’s prize winner, and one of our shortlisted artists for our eye opener exhibition, Amy