What we do.

We are the independent student magazine of the Students’ Union at Norwich University of the Arts. Made by students for students, all under one roof.

Showcasing the diverse range of creative talent our university has to offer, we have tried to reinvent the traditional student magazine and turn it into our own platform to promote and inspire future creatives.

We have designated teams to hone our specialist skills and collaborate in the most effective way possible, resulting in collective creative outcomes that highlight the talent our university has to offer. We’re always learning and always tweaking our methods, meaning we’re getting bigger and better with each issue of the magazine.

Issue 18 is the 10th anniversary edition of Storehouse, so we had to pull all the stops out. We ventured out of our comfort zone and dived into new realms of possibility, conjuring up an artistic overflow all bundled up into a double sided flip magazine. Creativity from cover to cover. What more could you ask for?

Storehouse, made by students for students. All under one roof.