The Storehouse team is made up of students from a variety of courses at Norwich University of the Arts. We come from all walks of life, all sorts of different disciplines and different ways of working. One thing unites us – and that’s our love for this magazine.

We work in four distinct teams, utilising the talents and skills of each member of the four teams to create the magazine. Each department is headed by at least one experienced individual who guides and supports their team.

The team changes with each edition. We recruit new students to join our society each September.

Storehouse Content Team

The Content Team is responsible for writing content for the magazine, checking the submissions from students and choosing what is printed in the magazine.

Heads of Content

  • Amelia Naomi
  • Beth Graham

Content Writers

  • Leah Mcghee
  • Gabrielle Regan
  • Jack Taylor
  • Alice Laycock
  • Luke Taylor
  • Katie Billham
  • Lucia Calcagni
  • Gigi Soh
  • Sean Hendley
  • Cressida Sowerbutts
  • Asha Wilson
  • Sean Goddard
  • Chalisa Chanchuvanichkul
  • Luke Taylor
  • Kieshona Brown
  • Freya Kemp


  • Uzoma Okotcha
  • Hannah Game

Storehouse Editorial Team

The Editorial Team is responsible for the design and production of the magazine. They also work with our sponsors to create adverts for them and arrange the magazine’s printing.

Lead Editorial Designer

  • Dan Ayris

Heads of Editorial

  • Charlotte Walpole
  • Phoebe Barker

Editorial Designers

  • Jake Mayes
  • Louise Aspinall
  • Ruth Brittain
  • Siddhartha Gurung
  • Benjamin Mcleister
  • Mila Tsvetanova
  • Charlotte Matless
  • Megan Carver
  • Alice Quinn
  • Callan Norton
  • Jasmine Parkin
  • Lara Mortimer

Storehouse Online Team

The Online Team is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Storehouse Online website. The website is custom-coded using modern web technologies and evolves with each issue.

Heads of Online

  • Ameer Al Ashhab
  • Jason Brown

Storehouse Promotion Team

Our Promotion Team works hard to ensure that our social media is kept updated and the world knows what Storehouse is doing. They are also responsible for creating promotional videos and posters and for recruiting new members and sponsors.

Heads of Promotion

  • Corrina Mark
  • Michael Christodoulou

Promotion Team Members

  • Rhys Stawiska
  • South Cuatriz
  • Frances Hammond

Storehouse Leads

Deputy Head of Storehouse

The Deputy Head of Storehouse is Year 3 BA (Hons) Graphic Communication student, Corrina Mark. Corrina has been on the Storehouse team since May 2018, first starting off as an editorial designer for Issue 17 and a website designer for Issue 18 before becoming a Head of the Promotion Team in May 2019 for Issue 19. In September 2019, Corrina was promoted to Deputy Head of Storehouse, a role which involves running and managing Storehouse projects and supporting the Head. She also continues to help lead the Promotion Team with Michael Christodoulou for Issue 20.

Head of Storehouse

The Head of Storehouse is Year 3 BSc (Hons) User Experience Design student, Jason Brown. Jason has been on the Storehouse team since October 2017, starting as a Co-Head of the Online Team developing the website. He became the Co-Editor/Technical Lead in May 2018, running the society alongside the then-Head and became Head of Storehouse in May 2019. As the Head of Storehouse, Jason is responsible for ensuring that Storehouse society continues to run succeesfully, that the teams know what they are doing and liaises frequently with the NUA Students’ Union about the administration of the society. He also continues to work on the website with Ameer Ashhab.

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