Lois Brandon (She/Her)

I’ve always wanted to be a minimalist; to keep things simple, to create clean, black and white designs. However, I always seem to add that extra pattern or colour, so the once minimalist design, becomes a colourful, migraine-inducing visual. This time I challenged myself to make an uncluttered design, that wouldn’t require a pair of sunglasses to look at.

I wanted to represent the change in form of text. I used a sans serif font, repeating the word metamorphosis, to create a series of visuals. At each stage the image becomes more complex and elaborate than the last. It starts as a sharp, square shape; representing the minimalism I aspire to create. The visuals gradually change form, resulting in a circular, spiral shape, which represents the intricately jumbled way my designs normally end up.


Words: Lois Brandon, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, @designs.by.lois

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