Kerry Bensley

Over the past few months, pets across the world have had the absolute time of their lives. Having their humans at home with them, all day for weeks on end is what nearly every animal dreams of, and they finally got it – albeit through non-ideal circumstances. Our pets have no doubt made lockdown more bearable and have brought on sparks of joy to our everyday lives. For those who do not own pets, coming across a simple photo or video online, or seeing a neighbour’s furry friend while out on a walk can brighten even the most miserable of days.  

The global love for animals helped to bring on something wholesome in these difficult times. With adorable videos of animals being shared and having pets of classmates interrupting zoom calls – hearing ‘meows’ in the background of a recorded lecture.  

Animals bring us together and are of the few that love us unconditionally. So, take some time today to shower an animal with love, be it your own pet, or a stray you find on the streets. Give them a hug, kiss their forehead, scratch their chin, feed them some treats, whatever it is, let them know that you appreciate them. 

Words: Kerry Bensley, Photography, @kerrybensleyphotography

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