Aleisha Blowers

When I think of the word Nostalgia, I think of the absolute ache that the feeling has always had on my heart. Ever since I was a teenager I have always felt so sensitively towards good memories, and especially under the circumstances of this year, reminiscing is and always will be a bittersweet pastime.  

In Floriography, the Lily of the Valley (featured on my artwork for this submission) means return of happiness. To me, this flower symbolises the return of that feeling we yearn for again; loud laughter, strong hugs, dancing with our friends until the early hours of the morning and the hangover that follows (aided by Pizza Hut and the Twilight movie franchise), and just feeling complete.  

A lesson I can learn from myself is that we cannot relive the memories we have made but we can relive the feeling with those we love. Nostalgia may be painful, but it reminds us that happiness is always possible. 

Words: Aleisha Blowers, BA Fashion, @a.j_creative_

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