Holly Battle

Virtual reality is an immersive experience which allows people to wear a headset and place them in curated, artificial environments. As you move your head around, it is like real life, seeing a scene from all angles. VR can be used to create a spectacle for big audiences in the worlds of entertainment, sport and business.

It immerses the viewer into a fake environment that seems so real but can also be highly imaginative and take you anywhere. But the power of VR may go well beyond entertainment. It just might help people who suffer from long bouts of pain by placing them in calming, peaceful environments. 

It can be used as a form escapism, much like in the recent Steven Spielberg film, ‘Ready Player One’, a science fiction adventure where much of humanity uses a virtual reality game software to escape from the desolation of the real world. 

Words: Holly Battle, Design for Publishing, @hollyjbattle

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