Hannah Game (She/Her)

Model: Freya Clayton, Image: @Hannah.jg_

Throughout our lives, we all go through many changes that not only shape us but define who we are as individuals. We are made up of many different components from life events that have a defining impact on our existence. Some people are defined by big events, whereas others find smaller, seemingly less significant ones to be more prominent in shaping who they are.

For me, although things have happened very early on in my life that have a significant effect on the person I am today, it is those more recent events that really stick in my head as to when I really felt I became who I am today. The first major change I found was when I first started work. The way it forced that shy, timid little girl to step out of herself and be this confident seller and speaker, in turn, made the real me more self-assured and able to speak out. This development in my life shaped my ability to be more self-assured and to let things that would normally upset me just slide right off. My ‘customer service’ persona became a vital aspect of my ability to keep my patience, be persistent and not let other people phase me quite so much. Starting work seemed like a natural progression into adulthood, but it is only upon reflection that I realised just how defining a moment that was for me as an individual.

Model: Freya Clayton, Image: @Hannah.jg_

The next obvious moment for me was starting university. It may be cliche, but the sudden change to being entirely self-sufficient and self-dependent made for a change in how I approach every situation. There was no longer anyone to hide behind and do the tough things for me, it was all simply down to me. Luckily, my mum has always taught me all I need to know in order to fend for myself, but this transition to a new city helped me make a fresh start and move away from the individual I was at school. The old me always felt a need to follow the trends, or people will know that I don’t fit in. There’s a strong pressure to be like everyone else and if you step outside of those parameters, you are deemed a social outcast. To leave behind the toxicity of school and finally fit into a place exactly the way I am was a refreshing new beginning for me, and I finally found, as cheesy as it sounds, that things were starting to slot into place for me.

Model: Freya Clayton, Image: @Hannah.jg_

Life has presented so many defining moments for me and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. We more often than not don’t even notice the details that shape us as individuals, but every single day something happens to make us who we are today. The lack of control and subtlety within this is daunting, but simultaneously thrilling to find out who we are as individuals and how time changes us.

Words: Hannah Game, Storehouse Content Team, @Hannah.jg_

Makeup Artist: Abi Hobbs, @makeupandhairbyabihobbs

Model: Freya Clayton

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