Louise Aspinall

These photographs are a part of a series I had taken two years back. They were taken for a first-year magazine project, centred around the theme of perspective. I have always viewed them as a part of that project, but recently associated it with other feelings. 

They were taken early on a spring morning, during the beginning of time at university. There is something nostalgic about the photos, they feel like home. Since lockdown, I have felt this strange and sad feeling, of not appreciating the whole of spring as it passes us by. 

However, looking at these images filled in the gaps for what we have missed this year, now that I am at the end of my university experience. Still, the theme for my original project stays in mind, and looking through these images reminds me that we will always return to spring. 

Words: Louise Aspinall, BA (Hons) Design for Publishing, @louiseaspinall.design

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