Alistair Clougher (He/Him)

Metamorphosis Defined – A biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change.

Metamorphosis possesses definitions within many walks of life, but the essence of these definitions always stems back to the idea of change. Change is a dominate force throughout nature, bringing new life and continues growth. This parallel also defines contemporary society and culture; ever changing, progressive in its nature.

Parallels between modern society and natural world define the Display Typeface [ AID NATURE ]. A contemporary Typeface exploring humanities dire relationship with our dyeing planet. Applying Typographic mediums to this societal and cultural exploration direct, expressive and accountable. Unquiet in its pictorial ability to discuss, illustrate and articulate information. An ideal vessel to inform and express environmental change.

A refined and thoughtful visual intent, like the natural world the typeface itself is created from small composite parts coming together creating one collective system.

Its composite parts (modular forms) directly reference the Golden Ratio, theorising Fibonacci’s sequence. A sequence that’s believed to decode the natural world, accounting for the natural works complexity, variety and beauty. Fibonacci’s sequence appears in nature tangibly as great structures and patterns. A patterned visuality that defines my Typographic structures. Aesthetic principles unpacking our ecosystems theorised workings, and their delicate balance and pose. A Typeface that renders how intricate and vulnerable our natural ecosystems are, intending to create a greater awareness for all-natural life.

Metamorphosis simply and most generally defines as a process of profound transformation. An aspect that needs to be reflected in societies relationship with the planet.  A transformation vital if humanity wants to continue sharing this vibrant, lushes and beautifully complex environment. 

Find the whole publication online here: ONLINE PUBLICATION by Alistair – Flipsnack

Words: Alistair Clougher, BA (Hons) Illustration, @alistair.c.i

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