Niamh Fitzgerald

These pieces I created as a visual representation of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. To achieve this, I wanted to physically damage and destroy the film to suggest the effects of Dementia attacking the brain.  The process I used when creating these pieces included three steps. I used a 5-sided prism lens to take a photo of old family photos, using a Canon AE-1 when taking the photo on 35mm black and white film. I then burnt the negative film with a lighter to create the bubbles and decaying look. I thought this could show Alzheimer’s and Dementia slowly taking over and destroying a person’s memories. For the final piece, I put the slides in a vintage projector. I thought that the projector could symbolise someone’s brain working and sifting through their memories. 

Words: Niamh Fitzgerald, Graphic Design, @niamhfitzdesign_nua

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