Isabelle Cyr

To reach a resolved piece of work I rely on different drawing techniques, of which the most important to my practice is constantly working on observational drawings to inspire and keep my work developing.

At the beginning of each project, I try to focus on themes and the general mood I intend the work to have. I use mark-making and automatic techniques to create an almost inkblot test for myself to work out a composition. Consequently, I find myself often working with dream-like landscapes and doll-like people to reflect the rigidity and awkwardness of being human.

The process of mark-making also informs how I experiment with paint, print or digital mediums, in this case, my drawings seemed to be made up of dots and dashes, so I looked into the process of pointillism and translated my drawing into colour. 

Words: Isabelle Cyr, Illustration, @izzyltcm

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