Sophie Banks

Attraction against repulsion is a reoccurring theme within my sculptures. The pink sculpture in the photos is based upon drawings of my tonsils and uvula, thinking about the ins and outs of the body, a lump in the throat, sickness, talking, and how you can’t take things back. People often, however, interpret this sculpture, It’s Easy to Mistake Something as Love, in contrasting ways. Some spectators view it as love or “two people kissing”, whilst others see it as more bodily horror, inside organs etc. From this, I created a short body horror named Ansia. In this, you can see these two forces of attraction and repulsion. The horror is a non-narrative based on Italian Giallo such. I wanted to show a visual representation of an emotional build-up, that leads to an outburst, and never-ending cycles of self-doubt. 

Words: Sophie Banks, Film and Moving Image Production

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