Fraser McCormick

This is part of an ongoing self-initiated motion and print project, where I am visually communicating anxiety. Anxiety is both a reality and an illusion. It feels very real and impactful to those who suffer from it yet isn’t a physical disability. 

My experience of anxiety usually feels like a small issue or worry being escalated dramatically through overthinking, and the moving typography undergoes this process. Each letter visually describes a type of anxiety that people can suffer from.   

Inspiration for this project stemmed from me wanting to be more spontaneous and experimental with my work, as I often feel anxious pursuing more abstract solutions to briefs and I wanted to create a set of abstract letterforms which were the first things that came to mind when considering the different forms of anxiety. 

Words: Fraser McCormick, Graphic Communication, @frazz_mccormick

Photography: Uzi Okotcha, Storehouse Content Team, @uzitookashot

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