Lewis Wyatt

Despite reaching my third year of studying photography at NUA, I have yet to truly narrow down why I feel compelled to capture the many different visual characteristics of buildings and structures. This complex relationship has slowly developed within my own practice since year one when I took an interest in various industrial materials such as stone, glass and metal. When capturing urban structures my overall goal has always been to consider how I might bring out their true potential in terms of characteristics and visual appeal. Prior to their creation, these structures must be carefully thought out – their location, design and materials all meticulously planned. These are all factors which may have the potential to let the structure have its own visual characteristic which I can bring out and emphasise in my images. Doing so can be very satisfying.  

I have always questioned why I experience an emotional connection to certain architectural details. However, rather than look deeper and potentially never reach an answer, I look deeper into these visual characteristics. My observations allow me to show the viewer why particular details resonated with me emotionally. To me, this is the best and only meaning I want my work to contain. 

Words: Lewis Wyatt, Photography

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