Mi Kim

Inspired by a Korean Artist Do Ho Suh’s installation artwork, this restaurant is a collaboration with Korean traditional porridge brand ‘BON’. This brand is the most famous porridge brand in Korea. The porridge is a main part of this restaurant, and the reason why I chose this food is homesickness. Reflecting Do Ho Suh’s artwork about homesickness for Korea while living in a foreign country, the interior of the restaurant is designed to accentuate the traditional Korean design, a nostalgic space, and overcome homesickness through eating the porridge. The big house facade of his artwork will be reflected in the secondary facade of the restaurant, and the small house inside will influence the interior of the restaurant.

The atmosphere of the restaurant would be calm and healing for Asians to feel like home and overcome homesickness. Also, local people can enjoy the restaurant as a cultural experience through tasting the porridge, which uses various healthy ingredients.

Inside of the restaurant, you could see the hanging installation artwork like Do Ho Suh’s pieces. Under the artwork, there is a main sitting area for small groups or individual people. The only individual sitting area is along the back wall. Next to the main part, there is a group sitting area for around 4 people in one seat, which looks like a sitting place on the floor. A waiting area is just next to the last group seat. People can also get in there by the stairs connected to the reception area. The user moves around the restaurant in a circular flow. The secondary facade is the same shape of the upward of the restaurant building, but the material is translucent panel that allows sun light come in.

Words, Mi Kim, BA (Hons) Interior Design, @mina_k_design

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