Ruth Brittain

In the spring term of 2019, Year 2 Graphic Communication student, Asha Wilson and the NUA Students’ Union worked together to create a fundraiser for St Martin’s, a Norwich charity which helps the homeless. They encouraged students to create designs for pizza boxes, provided by Brick Pizza, who sold them to raise money for St Martin’s. Graphic Design student Ruth has shared her experience of being part of the collaboration: 

Firstly, I started sketching out potential ideas and after choosing my favourite, I sketched it onto the box, so I knew the layout and sizing. After deciding the colours, I proceeded to paint. Then, I saw how one hand could curve round on the front where the box opened and so added this as an extra detail. My designs are usually more illustrative and therefore more experimental. Because of this, I think my process has shown me that patience is a virtue, to spend time on ideas and execution and not to focus too much on the final result, but to experiment. 

Participating in a project outside of my course was really beneficial to me, as I could practice another skill: painting. I can see that the more I develop in other areas the more this reflects the strength of my overall work. Improving one step at a time, brick by brick.

Words: Ruth Brittain, Graphic Design, @ruth_brittain

Concept: Asha Wilson, Graphic Communication, @there_that_asha

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