Tatiana Diakonova (She/Her)

Is our metamorphosis caused by the butterfly effect? Does the way we evolve over time
depend on the smallest choices we make daily? I’d say yes, I’ve felt it myself. Decisions
made during the times of covid have changed my life in more ways than I can comprehend.
And, I’m sure, that’s true for most of us. We’ve all received some kind of ‘character
development’ over the past few months. All the time we’ve spent by ourselves contemplating
our past choices instead of going out allowed us to tune into ourselves and finally get to the
root of things that have been bothering us for a while. Things that we’d normally ignore
because we have no idea how to even begin to unpack them. Choosing ourselves during the
pandemic wasn’t easy, in fact, for most of us, it was incredibly painful yet necessary. Looking
back though, would we have been where we are today, had we not stuck it out and did what
we couldn’t possibly delay any longer? The choice to finally focus on ourselves triggers the
mechanisms that will inevitably create the version of that bespoke butterfly we’ve always
wanted to be. Morphing never stops and neither do choices we constantly have to make.

Words: Tatiana Diakonova, Year 3 Graphic Communication

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