Stephanie Ndaguba (She/Her)

Change is something I believe we should all start to embrace as a constant. When I was younger, apart from the physical changes. Weirdly, I used to be obsessed each time I’d go to Clarks for new school shoes and my feet grew. That was one of the only moments I praised change. I thought that if someone changes there was some sort of pretence there. They were either acting or faking who they truly are. I didn’t view change as what it is; a transformative journey. I now welcome change in every aspect of my life. Metamorphosis, rebirth, change is something I explore in my graduation film. Jollof (2021) is about the power of perspective and the rebirth of a mother and daughter relationship. Mama brings Alorha to therapy, she realises the key to someone’s heart isn’t through their stomach but through emotion and honesty. Leading Mama to open up elements of her past in Nigeria she would rather leave buried. Here the metamorphosis journey for both Mama and Alorha allows them to let vulnerability in and their egos out. Something we all should practise. My new mantra in life is ‘CHANGE IS CONSTANT. LOVE IS ETERNAL’

Words: Stephanie Ndaguba, BA (Hons) Film & Moving Image Production, @quavex

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