Beth Graham

I want you to think of your first teddy bear. Think of how much you loved it, how tatty it looks today because you loved it so. Think of all of those things that teddy has seen, all the tears from bad nightmares to tea parties with your other toys.

Think of the teddy bear you got when you broke a bone. Your parents bringing it to you as you sit there in your cast. Think of how it made the hospital feel much safer.

Think of the first teddy bear you won in the amusements. Think of how much money you spent on it but think of how much joy it brought you.

Think of that teddy bear you would tell all of your secrets too. Think of how it helped you sleep at night as you know everything was safe and would be okay. Think of how it helped you process all of those emotions, big and small.

Think of that teddy you would hold so close to your chest at night. Think of how safe you felt with it in your arms, it kept away all of those monsters under your bed. Think of how you would wake up in a panic when you couldn’t find it, to see it laying on the floor before you bravely grab it and pull it under the covers.

Teddy bears are powerful things. They hold memories and emotions from our whole lives, from your childhood to this very day. They help us process the world and our emotions, they grow up with us.

Words: Beth Graham, Storehouse Content Team, @beth_grahamm

Model: Jasmine Dack, @jazziedack

Make-Up: Prim and Proper Nails, @primandpropernailss

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