Uzoma Okotcha

(This series of images explore closeness and distance) 

I never know where to start when it comes to nostalgia. Mainly because I am a daydreamer, an emotional daydreamer. I make countless scenarios up in my head with the people in my life, scenarios that fill me with joy. It’s bittersweet because they are not real and have to end at some point. In the same way real scenarios do. When I am experiencing joy (that isn’t made up of figments of my imagination) – it will inevitably come to an end.  

(All we can do is replay our fullest moments and make new ones) 

Nostalgia, to me, is a sacred moment that keeps moving further and further away from me in the context of time but simultaneously – somehow – keeps moving closer to my soul. 

Words and images: Uzoma Okotcha, Storehouse Content Team, @uzishotme

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