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Music helps people come together, and in self-isolation that is no different; many bands and musicians are still creating music from make-shift home studios and covering some of their all-time favourite tracks. To express the impact and importance of music over lockdown, I created a collaborative playlist compiling songs discovered and loved staying at home. The playlist spans 104 songs, representing the 104 days the UK has been in isolation and marking the major lifting of the lockdown restrictions.  

Eleanor – Red Rum Club 

Releasing in lockdown, Eleanor by the Red Rum Club was a breath of fresh air in music and helped fill the void between artists releasing covers or acoustic singles. The optimistic tone presented in the song fits perfectly with isolation, encouraging the listener to relax and look towards a brighter future. I personally discovered Red Rum Club throughout my time in lockdown and can really appreciate the wide ensemble of instruments present in their work, even more so with ‘Eleanor’, due to its creation taking place in isolation.   

Level of Concern – Twenty-one pilots 

Inspired by his own views on lockdown, Level of Concern by Twenty-One Pilots focuses on vocalist Tyler Joseph’s interpretation of self-isolation. The song highlights the effects of the pandemic and how it has impacted his own personal relationships, as well as society as a whole. His powerful use of lyric expresses these ideas in combination with an engaging tune helps to showcase his thoughts and perspective to the listener. As well as the release of this song, the band also held a series of cryptic livestreams across social media, encouraging fans to work together and solve puzzles in order to learn more about the bands upcoming album.  

Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson  

Enforcing a relaxed motif, Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson is a perfect isolation song due to its stripped back use of instruments focusing on acoustic guitar paired with vocals allowing the listener to drift away into relaxation. The overall theme of the song fits with the idea of a rainy day, as expressed through the lyrics and reminds me of many of the rainy days staying at home. I have previously enjoyed the work of Jack Johnson, however, I hadn’t heard this song until I discovered it on the playlist and thought it was a perfect fit due to its calm aura.    

Your Girlfriend – Blossoms

Your Girlfriend, taken from the album Foolish Loving Spaces by the Blossoms, captures a sense of forbidden togetherness through the use of lyrics which matches the ideas presented in lockdown and social distancing. The song also conveys this idea of a fast-paced journey, as the lyrics develop the story of the song. This idea of pacing mimics lockdown by time passing by. The Blossoms, as a whole have been extremely active during quarantine, working with other musicians such as Miles Kane to produce acoustic/in isolation covers of their songs, and have inspired many other bands to experiment with these ideas.  

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Words: Jack Taylor, Storehouse Content Team, @areajack_

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