Anna Ward

In a gesture, I am attempting to exalt the mundane and elevate everyday objects. I looked upon the juxtaposing boundaries between the fluidity of draped cloth and the solidity, which is presented in classical Greek sculpture, whilst also considering contemporary drapery. Using natural pigments, I dyed fabrics and questioned the form and formlessness of shapes and colours produced. 

In a current series of works, I have produced a series of oil paintings prompted by the process of making my own natural oil-based pigments. Having dyed fabric with madder pigment, I have created two-dimensional shapes by scanning areas of the dyed fabric, with the aim of highlighting new shapes and lines. Influenced by this process and new imagery, I painted these compositions by making my own madder oil paint, the same pigment which was used to dye and transfer these shapes to the original fabric; lending a pleasing circularity to my work. 

Looking at the inter-changing ideals between two and three-dimensional work, I aimed to see how the various mediums of pigment, cloth, canvas and paint can ignite ideas of concealment and revelation, presenting every day in an exalted manner. 

Words: Anna Ward, Fine Art, @annaward_art

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