Stephen Johnson

This project entitled Creative Co-working was all about creating a gallery and working space for artists but with a particular emphasis on our own experimentation. By this, I mean the way in which we got to our own designs. For example, looking at artists themselves to inspire our own process and have their influence visible throughout the projects. My project looked heavily at the idea of a concept, something that is present in nearly every piece of design work. But how much of that original idea continues through to the final product. 

I have included two different kinds of conceptual imagery I produced for this project; an abstract vector-based image encompassing everything I wanted in my design; as well as the earliest form of an interior sketch, envisioning an almost surreal, unrealistic room. I have also included other pieces of work to inform this idea further, a pattern I created based both upon my concept and artists that I have looked at; a final interior render relating heavily back to the original sketch I created; a model photo highlighting the use of my pattern on the final design and finally some architectural drawings. I know architectural drawings sometimes are not the most interesting imagery to look at, but they are the most critical part of our response to a brief. Bringing what could be described as an irrational idea into a rational response architecturally. 

The thing I wanted to highlight in this project was that no matter what direction the project ended up heading, that I wanted to keep the original essence of what was the first idea. Using those conceptual ideas alongside the artist’s inspirations throughout my project in experimentation, visualisation, and presentation of the work throughout. 

Words and Illustrations: Stephen Johnson, Architecture

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