Jack Taylor

At the beginning of lockdown, I found myself stuck with a lack of facilities making it harder to produce print-based outcomes. Despite this, I was encouraged to find creative work around optimising what I had around my house to produce creative outcomes in new and interesting ways. This led to the development of my collage work, experimenting with physical outcomes and typography as well as more digital imagery composed in photoshop. This contrast has allowed me to truly have a sense of creative freedom in my work, by working in non-conventional ways with the limited resources I had.  

Due to working with these ideologies, I found myself adapting to this unique style of work and how I could incorporate elements of it into my course. These changes to how I work included the use of scanning apps to capture physically produced imagery, which lead to a slightly more textured look than a conventional scanner, making it seem like a stylistic choice as opposed to a restriction. Online resources and classes such as Skillshare also proved to be really helpful when producing my collage work in a digital medium allowing further flexibility with the creation of digital pieces. I also ended up using existing digital scans of my work to create experimental outcomes exploring use of colour and layout.  

Contrasting the development of digital outcomes, I was also able to enhance my layout skills through the use of collage using old magazines and materials found around my home. In late May, I started a countdown project representing how many days until I could collect my belongings from my accommodation, so for the following 37 days I produced a series of numbers using different materials to reflect my day/how close I was to finishing the countdown.  

Whilst creating my collaged countdown, I started to curate and listen to the music featured on the Storehouse Issue 21 playlist, which collects songs people discovered and enjoyed throughout lockdown. These songs acted as a great inspiration whilst creating my work and allowed me to develop a number of my collaged styles/designs through the use of song genre and theme. Some of these songs include ‘In My Head’ by Queens of the Stone Age (2005) which inspired many of the rock themed collages, ‘This Life’ by Vampire Weekend (2019) and ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ by Inhaler (2019) – which both helped me relax whilst creating my collaged pieces.   

Find the playlist on Spotify:

Words: Jack Taylor, Storehouse Content Team, @areajack_

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