Morgan Wright

Speculative Zoology is a study in which scientists and artists predict the possible evolutionary outcomes of organisms that could exist in the distant future, in alternate realities and on other planets. Mimicking genuine evolutionary theory to determine the appearances of these hypothetical creatures.  

4.2 million light-years away there exists a red dwarf star named Proxima Centauri. Scientists have been able to identify many exoplanets within the star’s planetary system that may be potential candidates for sustaining life. One of the planets within the hypothetical “Goldilocks Zone” of the star, however, is remarkably like Earth (a planet of my design), named Proxima M.  

Maintaining a constant and substantial atmospheric pressure, liquid water has been able to formulate. Unlike the other planets orbiting the star, where water molecules instantly evaporate or are frozen to a state where chemical reactions are incapable of occurring, the atmosphere on Proxima M generates incredibly carbon and oxygen-rich air. Allowing for the organisms here to have evolved far beyond that of the microbial, diversifying into vast varieties of complex life-forms. 

Words: Morgan Wright, Fine Art, @morgn.wright

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