Cara MacNally

This series shot in 2018 explores forgotten locations that were found in rural and urban parts of Italy. An unknown and forgotten beauty was found hidden in these locations that have been left for significant amounts of time.  

The rooms in this series follow a narrative showing places once filled with life and energy, now deprived of the absence of people. While some of the rooms still appear joyful, some appear eerie, evoking a sense of loss. The architecture and bursts of colour within these places lead them to appear lively despite their emptiness.  

These places now remain abandoned due to natural decay and the aftermath of multiple earthquakes. It was significant to document these locations, depicting the intricate art that lies inside as this may be demolished in years to come, replacing the old with the new.  

Whilst shooting this project a vast array of locations was visited including Villas, Churches, Hotels, Chapels, Monasteries. Entertainment Theatres, Schools and Hospitals.  

Words: Cara MacNally, Photography, @caramacnallyphoto

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