Emma Chilicuisa

Upon thinking about reality and illusion, I was flooded with loads of ideas right away, my first idea was to play around with the concept of mirrors, or perspective. However, I decided to focus more on mood and what sort of emotions I wanted the final illustration to emit.

The perception of reality and the feeling of unravelling can often go hand in hand together; being a Game Art student I know I should have done something more “concept art-like”, but seeing this instead as an opportunity to traverse through emotions of confusion and being overwhelmed I wanted to make something that someone might, on the unlikely chance, relate to.  

With this piece, the goal was to depict the feeling of losing your grasp on what you think is real and still trying to make sense of things. Sort of like being divided into different pieces and pulled by strings into opposite directions. I guess in a way, this is a visualization of truly being on your own for the first time and all the positives and negatives that come with it. It’s not all formidable chaos, and it’s not all idyllic meadows. 

The balance between the two is what counts – that’s at least what I think. 

Words: Emma Chilicuisa, Games Art and Design, @ecmoonfrog

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