Elizabeth Barrell

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the household. A room that not only provides nourishment, but also acts as a place to gather and socialize with the people we care about. It is a place to disconnect from the online world, to bond, and converse. 

So why is it that 51% of British people (Furniture Village, 2018) admit to not having their meals around the dining table? The answer to that is simple; people are busy. Our society is busier than ever, with distractions from our phones and the internet constantly stimulating our brains. Instead, people are opting to multitask while they eat – doing work, watching the television or checking their social media. Causing the act of sitting down and eating with friends and family to take a back seat. 

There are many downsides to this, from poor digestion to overeating. Noted by psychologist Dr Lucia Giombini, with the most severe side effect being an increase in negative feelings such as anxiety and sadness (Furniture Village, 2018). 

Now more relevant than ever is the significance in promoting togetherness and looking after our mental health. So, take some time out and sit down for a meal with your friends and family. It could be in person, socially distanced, or even via a Skype call. Now is the time to dust off those dining tables, and just appreciate being together.  

Words: Elizabeth Barrell, Interior Design, @ebarrell_design

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