Eloise Shaw

‘Having used a camera for the past ten years then embarking on a photography degree, it has been a surprise to me, and others, that I have now turned to CGI to tell stories and express my creativity. I’ve found that it is such a powerful, and limitless tool, where I can create almost anything I could ever imagine, from scratch. One thing that has continuously popped up when discussing my work within the photography course is the idea of whether CGI imagery needs to be photorealistic for it to work as a piece. I’d say the verdict is still out! Playing with photorealism within my work has enabled me to also start exploring ideas on reality, dimension, and space. One thing that I will never bring myself away from is my love for bold colours, design and humorous, uncanny qualities that I allow to creep back into my work (when it’s appropriate).’

Words: Eloise Shaw, Photography, @eloiseshawuk

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