Samuel Weston

I am a photographer based in London and Norwich, and I take fashion-inspired portraits.

As much I love my digital camera, my tool for most of my work Is my RB67 medium format camera. I think, as an artist, the intention of choosing is one of the only choices we have. I choose film because I like the palette and I like the process of using the cameras; it just unlocked a different part of my mind creatively. It is not just the end product, it is the whole process of using these specific cameras – from choosing what film speed to use, to loading the film in camera and using my meter and taking a photograph, to then getting the negatives back. I wouldn’t suggest everyone start using film, because it is expensive and there’s a lot of time put into it, but I would say find what works best for you as an artist. Film photography helped a lot with my mental health, it helped me find a connection again to my work and my subjects.

What’s important to me is that analogue film is being used. It does not matter if film is then being shown on Instagram, Facebook, or whatever, digitally printed for exhibition or publication purposes, fine. But film is the base, that’s what matters to me.

Words: Samuel Weston, Photography, @samueldweston

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