Tommy Grimmer (He/Him)

These portraits show some of my friends, but more importantly, young men. I did not intend for my latest portraits to be used as a series, however, when reflecting on my recent practice, I have noticed a fondness and attraction to documenting what my friends do with their time.

From restoring axes to fixing old cars, I have realised that as my friendship group has aged, we have all formed our own respective crafts and pastimes. Going forward I am curious to see how these occupations will age, whether or not these activities will become the face of my subject’s persona, or fade into personal history.

I believe that my interest in what people do comes from a place of longing, I feel like I have never truly mastered something, treating myself more like a jack of all trades. These briefly informed encounters I have had with different parts of my life has made me long to be known for something greater than myself, just like those around me.

Words: Tommy Grimmer, Year 3 Photography, @tommyleegrimmer

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