Sophia Kapoor (She/Her)


Fragile Regions is a floral photographic collection acting as a visual metaphor for the humanitarian crisis that is ongoing in India and all of the contributors to the issue. The issues going on in India form a complex humanitarian emergency, yet this is not being covered by the media and no one knows this is happening. The rich and middle-class areas of India remain completely unaffected as they have the money and the resources to pull through these issues, but the poorer areas are not being helped and are slipping further and further into crisis.


For years, India has been suffering from chronic hunger, extreme poverty and an out-of-control water crisis. It is a malnutrition crisis that is only continuing to spiral. Another ongoing crisis for India is the conflict in Kashmir which, since 1947, has been plunging India further and further into disaster.

More recently, the people of India have been victims of extreme weather conditions that their infrastructure is not built to cope with, again, causing mass devastation. The most recent crisis for India has been COVID -19. With poor hospital facilities, poor sanitation across the country and no vaccine, India cannot cope with this new crisis.

India is now dying.


Words: Sophia Kapoor, Year 3 Photography, @sophiakapoorphotography

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