Chloe Turner


social obligations make me 

shove my fingers down my throat, 

i’m taught not to be proud 

of my achievements because, 

they’ll see me as a gloat. 

but what did i achieve anyway?  

because i can always work harder: 

to be happier,  

to be smarter, 

to be the girl with the size zero waist 

and the personality that is a copy and paste 

of all the people that i will 

never meet face to face, 

but just see through a screen.   

why is everyone so mean?  

‘love yourself’  

but not like that, 

‘have you seen Soph lately?’ 

she’s got well fat 

just go f*ck yourself! 

life is not all about wealth, 

it’s about mental health 

of the younger generation, 

who feel like everything is presented 

to them as a destination. 

will we ever find what we are looking for?  

or is it right here somewhere on the floor? 


our hopes, 

our dreams,  

our confidence, 

and so much more  

i really can’t take this sh*t anymore. 

go ahead and tell me 

that i’m wrong, 

that i can’t eat cake 

and need to wear a thong. 

society had no faith in us all along, 

we need to be strong and  

come together as one 

because i don’t  

need a toned bum  

to feel  




Words: Chloe Turner, Graphic Communication, @creativechloee

Images: Beth Graham, Storehouse Content Team, @beth_grahamm

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